Pet Relocation

Want to carry your car or any other motor vehicle with you? C2C Movers will make it happen with our network of 170 countries.

We are happy to help you with your demand and you can trust us.
Our offer is always tailor-made and offers you the best service and removes all the stress associated with the move of your vehicle.

We know that pets are an integral part of your family, which is why C2C Thanks to a tailor-made removal model, we pay special attention to your pets. With our precious advices, we can offer you perfectly safe, secure, and peaceful services for your pets.

With our network of competent professionals and our dedicated support for each animal, you can be reassured that your pets will be pampered throughout the move.

We will provide you with some important details to perfect your pet’s move:

WAY before your departure you must know the administrative procedures for importing your pet into the welcoming country.
In some countries, your animal is likely to be quarantined.
In most countries vaccines are compulsory and health tests carried out by the competent authorities.

Also we can offer you a door-to-door service for the relocation of your pet.

Things to Think About When Traveling With Pets:

1. Are my pets up to date with their vaccines?

2. Are my pets healthy enough to travel?

3. What are the requirements to be able to travel with my pets at the country of origin and destination?

4. Can I travel with my pet on the plane with me?

C2C Movers Recommendations:

1. For removals within the European Union it is imperative that your pet has a passport, and outside this area only one animal can be attached to your passport.

We will help you get the knowledge necessary and all its details.

2. Another option is that you can choose to travel with your pet or in the area dedicated to animals of the plane. These options require specific documents depending on the type and the size of your pet.