Office Move

You must choose an experienced, serious, efficient, organized and safety company for your office move.

Everyone knows, we don’t organize an office move as a simple private move! For the smooth running of your transfer, many parameters have to be taken into account and many tasks have to be completed before D-day. This is a risky project and you are aware of it; Fortunately, C2C Movers are there to take over and ensure the smooth running of your office move!

Let us assist you throughout your company move project by our technicians and benefit from the advice of seasoned professionals. From the definition of need, to implementation. They will evaluate your needs, develop a personalized quote for you and give you valuable organizational advice for the success of moving your business.

Your move will take place under excellent conditions and you will be overjoyed by our work, because efficiency, organization and safety are the three main qualities of our teams.

By entrusting us with the move of your company, you will save yourself all the problems of management and forecasting and will be able to devote yourself entirely to the proper functioning of your activity. By trusting us, you will be surrounded by competent and highly reliable partners throughout your business move.



Legal know-how:

A business move cannot be improvised.
There may be occasional contractual arrangements with different partners.


Technical know-how:

Preparing goods and materials for safe transport, managing accurate labeling for goods to be transported, ensuring complex rebuilding, and performing re-commissioning tests skills which are not improvised and which must be justified.




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Informatique Company:

The move of computer site is one of the sensitive phases of a business move.

The essential sequences to be supported are:

The creation and packaging of backups,
Disconnection and reconnection operations,
The packaging, transport and re-installation operations according to the agreed guidelines,
Any repackaging operations,
Control tests.
For all these interventions, several levels of qualification are required.
Our group has set up a specific and exclusive partnership with a company specializing in disconnection and reconnecting operations as well as in maintenance operations.
If the scope of the intervention includes the overall management of the company's IT assets, our partner intervenes jointly with our agents when preparing business proposals.

For all transport operations, our companies use the most appropriate specialized equipment.

We can provide you with very precise guarantees both for the coverage of the materials and for the assumption of a special interest in the delivery.

Precise, delicate operations that require organization and security:

The handling of heavy masses, the removal of pianos, the handling of machine tools, the implementation of lifting operations by craneing or other techniques, impose qualifications and the taking of very specific guarantees.
In addition to the use of subcontractors, our staff receive regular training to understand these interventions.

Paying attention to works of art means paying attention to cultural heritage:

The conditioning, handling and transport of fine art require patience, attention and great precision in the performance of technical gestures.
We work for museums and cultural or archaeological sites.
We put our know-how at your disposal to study your needs in this matter.

This original activity, in the environment of the removal, naturally flows from our traditional know-how and our technical means perfectly adapted:

In addition to a large geographical presence and high availability, we offer our customers the advantages of a secure proximity.

In addition, some of our Agents have developed very innovative specificities in this field such as microfiche and digital document storage associated with remote management.