At C2C Movers we are proud to have one of the lowest claim rate in our industry.
To achieve this, we have trained our packing team to successfully handle the items of our clients.

But even with this level of dedication and care towards your items, a zero risk does not exist. That is why we recommend for you to use C2Ccare© program.

 C2Ccare© program propose two different insurance program in order to fit your requirement:

The Lump sum insurance is the easiest way to insure your goods.

You don’t need to provide any list to us; you just have to give a replacement value by cubic meter. We recommend this solution for

the move with large volume.


  Inventory List: For this option, you will need to provide a detailed and itemized inventory list of all your belongings, and give the value it would cost to replace them at your destination address.


 Stay at ease! Your dedicated move coordinator will guide you through the different insurance options and processes.

We personally treat all claims.

C2C Movers Recommendations :

One of the most important parts of your move is the packing day.

You can prepare the day before the C2C Movers team arrives by:

 Keep with you the important items you will need (Plane Ticket/ Passport/ Keys…)

 Put the label that you received according to their meaning (stay/ fragile/air, etc…)

Separate the items that will stay from the one that will leave.

 Once your move is validated, your advisor should give you a list of guidelines