Frequently Asked Questions

What items are prohibited for shipping?

Each country has its own regulations but generally the following must not be shipped:

If I’m shipping my car, can I pack household goods in it?

Unfortunately this is not possible because of customs Regulations. The only items that can remain in the car are ones directly related to it (e.g. warning triangle, first aid kit).

How long will my shipment take to arrive at the destination?

Transit times vary depending on your origin and destination country, city, mode of transport, and customs regulations.

Please find some general Transit times below for your reference:

• EU — > North America 20-40 days

• North America — > Asia 20-40 days

• Asia — >Latina America 40-70 days

• Asia — >Europe 35-60 days

How will you calculate the cost of my shipment?

The cost of shipping depends on the total volume of your goods. A C2C Movers advisor will determine this volume.

Air cargo shipments are valued based on actual gross weight or volume of goods.

Your moving advisor accurately measures your goods at the time of the inventory and will provide you with a detailed estimate based on this assessment.

When should I ask for a free quote?

It’s never too early to get a quotation from us. We can recommend for you to get your quote at least 12 weeks in advance. So we can plan your move precisely and assist you with our best services.