Corporate Relocation

Why C2C Movers?

We provide a comprehensive range of global mobility solutions, from the design and implementation of resettlement policies to the provision of immigration services and the relocation of your employees. Our clients include companies with truly « global » mobility programs scattered across several continents, small and medium-sized organizations needing help with some relocation of transferees, and everything in between.

Thanks to our networks in 170 countries, we have a very precise vision of many factors in each country.

Our greatest resource is the talent and knowledge of our incredibly dedicated employees who are local residents and experts in their county’s regulations.

Our biggest resource is the talent of our fidele employees who reside all over the world and through it have solid knowledge on all the aspects you need for your corporate move.

C2C Movers offers a corporate move service and solutions for a global mobility service for your company.

What motivates the mobility of your employees within your company?

Your corporate relocation strategy offers many benefits for your employees. In a context of globalization, your relocation strategy brings growth, mergers and acquisitions opportunities and new business strategies.

To perfect this challenge, C2C Movers offers solutions tailored to your needs while knowing that there are legal, cultural and political constraints. In addition we take into account the different aspects such as the conformity of the regulations, the management of costs

Our expertise begins by identifying your needs and the external environment to your company to identify your preoccupations.

Then after all these analyzes we do a great job to meet your requirements while taking into account all environmental factors.




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